This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Instigate a 2nd EU referendum, honestly campaigned and to include 16-17 yr olds

EU Membership is too important to be decided by a vote based on inaccurate campaign claims and which excluded 16-17yr olds.
The EU referendum result is not legally binding. Cameron decided that the UK should be bound by it but has subsequently resigned. His decision can & should be rescinded.

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• The percentage difference between Leave and Remain was not great enough to trigger such a momentous course of action - 48% voted Remain
• 16 & 17yr olds were not included - their future is at stake & their votes should be counted
• Voters may have been swayed by false information - eg the Leave campaigners have acknowledged their NHS claims were inaccurate. All campaign claims should be regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority to ensure accuracy and honesty for both parties.

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