This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Maintain Freedom of Movement within EU countries that currently have the Euro.

As most countries with the Euro have economies similar to our own I feel this would help reduce low-skilled immigration while maintaining freedoms for those UK citizens who wish to live and work in Europe. I believe this would represent both sides of the recent referendum vote.

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As you will see from the link more people entered the UK from Non-EU countries 277,000 than EU countries 270,000. If you select the EU8 and EU2 options you see that the countries without the Euro make up 160,000 of the total amount of EU immigration. Therefore negotiating a situation that maintains Free Movement of Workers with countries that have the Euro will still allow a more than 50% reduction of uncontrolled EU immigration and yet maintain opportunities in the majority of Europe for UK citizens.

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