This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Full disclosure of Brexit negotiation & allowing a public referendum on the deal

The undersigned insist that David Davis or his successor & any persons that are involved will fully & openly disclose all details of the Brexit deal in detail they have negotiated. We also call on the government to allow the general public a vote on the negotiated deal as its them that are effected.

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We believe that it is only fair and right to allow them a vote on the deal that is negotiated in their name as it was back when we joined. People have the right to decide if the deal is the best for the country and the best way the country should go. We would also like to see the implementation of a set percentage of voters that will have to vote and carry the vote say 75% of the entire voting population with at least a 75% turn out of voting population in the UK and its territories.

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