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Petition Urgent research for AT/RT Tumours must be done in the UK.

Rhiley Kim Bennett was diagnosed with an AT/RT Tumour on her brain & spine aged just 2 years old on 12th June 2014. We lost our little girl on 23rd April 2015 aged 3. With the majority of under 3's being diagnosed, the chance of survival remains low at just 15% or less.

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* Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumour known as AT/RT for short.
* Although usually a brain tumour, it can occur anywhere in the CNS.
* It is the most common solid tumour in childhood cancer.
* Effects all of the basic bodily functions.
* AT/RT grows rapidly & patients have a fairly short history of progressive symptoms, measured in days to weeks.
* It has been challenging to define optimal therapy & advance treatment.
* The UK currently has no standard protocol itself to follow nor a cure.

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