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Petition NHS trusts/deaneries should make adequate provision for post-night shift rest

A survey showed 41% doctors have fallen asleep after a night shift. This is most prevalent amongst pre-consultant grade doctors, who can change hospital every 3-4 months, resulting in a long commute and no access to public transport, making night shifts inherently dangerous.

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The need to change place of work so frequently is unique to doctors in training, and whilst other professions do have night shifts, the ensuing length of commute (average of 25 miles) increases the risk to doctors, with 29% knowing a colleague who died driving after a night shift. Over half never have access to an on-call room with, or without a bed (52% and 57% respectively). Only 27% had access to paid on-site accommodation.
Source: survey, July 2016, n=1,135

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