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Petition Provide the date when permanent residence was acquired through EEA regulations

Since the 12 November 2015 to apply for naturalisation EEA nationals and their non EEA family members must have been issued with a document certifying permenanet residence (DCPR) or with a permanent residency card (PRC), but the date when permanent residence was acquired is not reported on either.

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In general to apply for naturalisation one must have indefinite leave to stay in the UK for the last 12 months of residence. The Home Office Nationality Policy Team has been advising via FOI that for whose requesting DCPRs or PRCs "the date that they were deemed to have acquired permanent residence will be recorded on UKVI’s database and so will be clear to the nationality caseworker".
Not providing the date to the applicants, except than by SAR, increases red tape and slows down naturalisations

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