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Petition Abolish electroconvulsive therapy – ECT - electroshock to the brain

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Electroconvulsive therapy consists of passing an electric current of up to 400 volts for up to 8 seconds through the brain with the intention of producing an epileptic fit purportedly to relieve ‘mental illness’. Mainly given to women and the elderly, sometimes to children and often without consent. ECT machines have never been independently inspected or approved for medical safety. The USA regulator, the ‘Food and Drug Administration’ (FDA) has placed ECT machines in its most dangerous medical device category "class III" hazardous and unsafe. The UK regulator, the ‘Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’ (MHRA) has never tested ECT machines for safety. ECT may cause brain damage, permanent memory loss, learning disabilities and other intellectual impairments and even death. ECT often causes fear in patients and can aggravate or trigger depression and suicide attempts. Patients are often not fully informed about the procedure's potential harmful effects. Abolish ECT.

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