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Petition Make sure all disabled people can have the adaptations they need

Disabled Facilities Grants adapt people’s homes to be safe and suitable.

Current funding is not enough to provide everyone with the adaptations they need.

We petition you to calculate the annual need for DFG funding at a local authority level, and ensure that this funding need is met.

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A 2011 report by the BRE stated: “the total amount required… is £1.9bn.”

The total funding over the last 5 years was £1 billion - only half of what’s needed.

Though funding will rise by 2019/20, there is no assurance that it will meet the need.

Isle of Wight Council have found that every £1 invested in DFGs could return £7.30 a year in social care savings.

In the past 5 years, the government may have missed savings of more than £47 billion in social care costs.

This needs to change.

Thank you.

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