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Petition Reconsideration of Eric Pickles' decision in 2014 to approve a SRFI in St Albans

In light of Greg Clark's decision in July 2016 dismissing an appeal to build a International Freight Exchange on green belt in Colnbrook, we ask the new SOS for Communities and Local Government to use Greg Clark's criteria to overturn approval for a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange in St Albans.

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After the SOS twice refused planning permission for a SRFI development on 300 acres of green belt in St Albans, Hertfordshire, Eric Pickles changed his mind and approved it in July 2014 without allowing a conjoined enquiry with Colnbrook. Greg Clark in turning down the Colnbrook development concluded "that the benefits of the scheme do not clearly overcome the harm. Consequently very special circumstances do not exist to justify the development."(on green belt)

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