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Petition Upgrade the A34 to modern 3 lane motorway standards.

The A34 is a very busy dual carriageway carrying ever increasing levels of traffic between the Midlands and down to the South Coast. The road was built for a bygone era and is no longer fit for purpose. There have now been numerous fatalities and serious accidents on this road in recent times.

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With the exception of the Newbury Bypass and the improved junction with the M4, the rest of the road from the M40 all the way down to Winchester was constructed in the 1970s. Bends, gradients, junctions and sight lines are not up to modern standards. The solution would be to widen and totally reconstruct the road, realigning it where necessary. If needed, funds could be found by not spending £900+ million earmarked for making the M4 around Reading a "smart motorway". The A34 is much more urgent.

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