This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Direct Councils to use the Mobile Home powers devolved to them, without option.

A 'criminal element' have been acquiring Sites. They use brutal intimidation to frighten elderly residents and they ignore any regulations. Although Councils have enormous powers under Planning and Licencing they are reluctant to get involved, even when there is overwhelming evidence.

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The main legislation is the 1960 Caravan Act, the 1983 Mobile Home Act and the 2013 Mobile Home Act. Councils have been lethargic and even negligent in their policing of these Acts.

There is a Parliamentary Working Group monitoring the 2013 Act, but they are not going to report until July 2017. The legislation must be made to work now and the rouges must either change their ways, or be relieved of the ownership of their Sites. Too many elderly residents are suffering hardship and abuse.

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