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Petition Remove rail franchise from Southeastern (Govia Ltd)

Southeastern provide a consistent poor service to their customers, causing genuine misery and despair to thousands of commuters in the South East. They put profit before customers and effect the daily lives of people who just want to get to work on time and in comfort. No more debating, take action!

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Other parliamentary business

MPs debate Govia Thameslink Rail Service

On 12 September, MPs debated the Govia Thameslink Rail Service.

You can read the debate here:

You can watch the debate here:

This was an "adjournment debate". Henry Smith MP successfully entered a ballot system for this debate. This is one way backbench MPs can get debates in Parliament. You can find out more about adjournment debates on the Parliament website:

On Monday 5 September, the Government made a written statement to the House of Commons to update MPs on Govia Thameslink.

You can read the statement on the Hansard website:

Statements are a way for the Government to inform MPs about major incidents, policies and actions. You can find out more about statements here: