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Petition We want RM stonehouse to be kept open it's the spiritual home and HQ for RM

The government recently announced that Stonehouse was being put up for sale. Stonehouse is the spiritual embodiment of the Royal Marines and three commando Brigade is the Royal marines home and shouldn't be sold for housing it is a listed building that has a lots of heart and history.

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The earliest parts of Stonehouse Barracks date from 1756 The buildings immediately became the headquarters of the Plymouth Division of the Royal Marines. Although the divisional structure of the Royal Marines was dismantled during the Second World War, the barracks remain in use as headquarters of 3 Commando Brigade.
It is also home to the globe theatre a beautiful music hall.
As a whole, Stonehouse is described as "the oldest and most important group of barracks in England not forming part of a fortification, a very rare example of C18 planning, and a complex of great historic value

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