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Petition Give votes urgently to the 5½ million excluded from the Brexit referendum

The political scene is fragile and unstable because of the Government’s small majority with most MPs opposed to Brexit. Urgently enfranchise the some 5½ million excluded from the Brexit referendum (46½ million electors) so that future elections and referendums are more properly representative

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The 5½ million are
a) 1.5 million 16- and 17-year olds in the UK (as could vote in the Scottish referendum)
b) 2.0 million British Citizens living abroad disqualified by the 15-year rule or because never on a UK electoral roll (as in the Conservatives’ as-yet unkept “Votes for Life” manifesto promise)
c) 2.2 million unenfranchised foreigners living permanently in the UK (as would be electors if in New Zealand)

Numbers are derived from 2014-15 ONS and UN data. For details visit

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