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Petition Abolish the 1 hour clock changes in March and October and introduce double BST

The clocks going back in October is shown to increase road accidents, crime, and mental health conditions such as SAD due to the darker nights.
Double BST would put us at GMT+1 in winter, and GMT+2 in summer, bringing us into line with Europe.

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According to the RoSPA, more people are killed and injured in road accidents due to the darker Autumn and winter evenings.
Cambridge university estimates 450,000 tonnes of carbon emissions saved per year.
It would align the UK with European times, aiding businesses.
It would boost tourism that is dependent on daylight hours by up to two months a year.
It would shift the average year long sunset time from 18:35 to 19:30, giving an average of 55minutes per day of extra light in the evenings.

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