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Petition Implement the 10 recommendations of the APPG Inquiry Into Quality of New Homes.

The poor quality of new homes is not new. (NHBC, Barker Review of 2004, Office of Fair Trading Market Study of Home Building in the UK October 2008, and more recently the APPG Inquiry 2016) Yet surprisingly, there has not been any legislation to force this industry to improve.

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Around 93% of new home buyers (at least 100,000 a year) report problems to their housebuilder. Defects that could and should have been prevented. The APPG Report is quite clear, the industry needs to be forced to improve both the quality of new homes and the indifferent service suffered by those buying new homes.

As a minimum, the government must implement the APPG Inquiry's “Key Recommendation” - the setting up of a New Homes Ombudsman by the DCLG within 3 months.

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