This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Block or change the EASA Commission Regulation on Unmanned Aircraft Operations

The UK UAV industry is currently thriving
and is even recognised by EASA themselves “Unmanned aircraft is a sector of aviation that is developing very fast and has a great potential for producing new jobs and growth.“

BUT With the EASA new proposed regulations all of this is under threat.

More details

“Drones” and other UAV are well covered under the Civil Aviation Authority Air Navigation Order. Regarded by most as fair and accurate

EASA proposals will override this (even once we have left the EU)
And have clearly been written by people with little understand of the subject. the expected result of them is:

* Death of the related industry (not a slowdown but an outright death)

* Public disregard for all rules

*cease of UAV use for UK emergency services and other lifesaving uses

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