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Petition Protect the A&E and Women & Children's Unit at Telford's Princess Royal Hospital

Future Fit ('FF') was tasked with improving care in the Telford and Shrewsbury Hospitals.

FF's proposals include closing one of the two current A&E units and possibly moving Women and Children's ('WC') services, despite investment in a dedicated £28 million facility in Telford just two years ago.

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Both Telford and Shropshire have growing populations and accommodate different geographical locations; both current A&E units struggle - local healthcare needs expanding not retracting. Reducing to one A&E will cause unnecessary strain, and ultimately, deaths.

In 2014 the Health Secretary promised that “we commit to A&E on both sites and there are no plans to change that”. Mr Hunt is called upon to ensure that commitment is kept.

Moving WC services would be a waste of a £28 million investment.

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