This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Rejected petition Ban the sale and use of personal and backyard fireworks in the UK.

The sale of retail fireworks for personal home use and unofficial displays causes massive health and safety issues to both the public and undue stress and anxiety to pets and animals.
This also means they are used for extended periods rather than the associated dates increasing the problem.

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My dog suffers massive anxiety issues due to a garden firework from a neighbour almost hitting her and exploding above her in our garden.
She is now terrified of any firework, bang, thunder, even heavy rain.
She shakes uncontrollably, pants heavily with dangerously elevated heartbeat levels.
She bolts around the house terrified, and this all continues for hours after the problems have finished.
The garden displays go on at random times and days and make this far worse.

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