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Petition Provide much needed Truck Stops on the A34 with modern facilities.

The Haulage Industry carries valuable cargo. The A34 needs dedicated Truck stops with advanced facilities e.g CCTV , shower blocks, healthy food outlets. Laybys have no facilties and are a last resort to HGV drivers.Without HGV's our shops would be empty. Drivers deserve a safe secure resting place.

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A34 serves our haulage trade out of one of the UK's leading ports, Southampton.The port handles around 14 million tonnes of cargo and 820,000 vehicles per year.With the port expanding by a third, freight on our roads will increase.Already there is inadequate spaces for HGV to park up on their rest times,this will only get worse.Many HGV drivers experience theft of their cargo and fuel, even at a well known service stations.Current services have not grown with the increase of freight on the road.

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