This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Amend Shortage Occupation rules that are blocking the hiring of Specialist Chefs

UK's Asian cuisine industry is lacking skill ready Professional Chefs. Though Chefs are on government's Shortage Occupation list it disqualifies restaurants that allow collection or delivery of restaurant meals as NOT having specialist skill needs in spite of this involving the same skill input

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The industry is in urgent need of experienced skill ready Chefs from outside EU on temporary basis to support business operations, and to enable training and development of home grown Chefs. However this is being prevented by inappropriate rules. This petition calls for following amendments to the Shortage Occupation rules

1. Remove the 'take away' clause

2. Raise skill recognition to NQF level 6

3. Amend minimum salary to £25,000

4. Allow temporary non settlement based UK entry

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