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Petition Ban fireworks outside of events on specific days across the UK.

In the weeks around Bonfire Night, fireworks are constantly being let off causing nothing but worry for pet owners.

The noise and vibrations from fireworks can cause severe distress in both wild and domestic animals, meaning that owners have to take steps to alleviate their distress.

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Bonfire 'Night' is often spread over a fortnight. This means that owners can find it difficult to plan for their animals. Fireworks have caused distress to all kinds of animals, not just cats and dogs. Smaller animals, such as rabbits, and farm animals, such as horses, can be affected too.

This petition is calling for the government to specify days of the year on which the use of fireworks is legal, e.g. 5th November, 31st December, Diwali, and to ban their use outside of these dates.

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