This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Stop the deportation of the Zeilsdorf Family from Laggan.

The family are waiting for imminent deportation as they have failed to meet the criteria of their Entrepreneur Visa by employing 2 people in their tiny shop and coffee bothy in Laggan. They do employ 1, they have 3 children, and take care of the local rural community by providing a valuable service.

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They are being forced to leave before they can sell. There's every chance that the business will not continue and the area will lose it's shop. Other similar services are tens of miles away. Their children are Scottish, they employ someone, and they make regular visits to local elderly and house bound people in the community as Jason was a Pastor. It is not the Highlands, Scotland or Scottish people who don't want and them; it is just the Home Office. We NEED them - sign to keep the Zeilsdorfs.

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