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Petition Implement an Opt-Out Organ Donation System (as in Wales): LET'S SAVE LIVES

Marnie Brace was born with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. At 14 weeks old she went into heart failure & was placed on the heart transplant list. At that time she was the UK's youngest patient awaiting such surgery. Sadly, Marnie is just one of 6,599 people currently awaiting a transplant in the UK.

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Previously, the government responded that opt-out systems 'might have the potential to deliver benefits' yet it had 'no plans’ to introduce it. Data from the Welsh Government confirms the benefit of the Opt-Out System implemented in 2015:
- 53% of organs donated via deemed consent (32/60 organs)
- Rise: 50% liver transplants; 19% kidney transplants; 63% cardiothoracic transplants
- 38% drop in patients awaiting transplant between 2010/11 & 2015/16
Opt-Out Systems clearly SAVE lives. Please sign!

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