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Petition Support Demilitration, Unification and Right of Self Determination for Kashmiris

Citizens of Jammu Kashmir were promised Right of Self Determination under UN Resolution of 13th August 1948 accepted by both India and Pakistan and supported by International Community including UK, with passage of time UK changed stance to bilateral & territorial issue between both occupiers of JK

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1)Jammu Kashmir was autonomous while India was ruled by British. On the 15th August 1947 British Rule came to an End. JK Maharaja was undecided about the future of JK. On 22nd & 27th October 1947 respectively, JK was invaded by Pakistan and India subsequently resulting in Bloodshed & Division of Jammu Kashmir.

2)Late Lord Mountbatten who was first Governor General of India, accepted in a document in 1947 that the final settlement of Jammu Kashmir can only be determined by Citizens of Kashmir

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