This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Make it mandatory for companies to label their environmental impact on packaging

The same way we have warnings on packs of cigarettes, we need to inform consumers on the negative effects some of their purchase have on the planet. As a start, we request "Palm Oil Kills" warnings (text & picture) covering 13% of front & back of packaging for products using unsustainable palm oil.

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A large proportion of palm oil plantations are developed at the expense of biodiversity and ecosystems in the countries it is produced. Currently, a third of all mammal species in Indonesia are considered to be critically endangered as a consequence. Over 90% of orangutan habitat has been destroyed in the last 20 years and is considered “a conservation emergency” by the UN. An estimated 1000-5000 orangutans are killed each year for this development. More information can be found online.

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