This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Open an enquiry into the abuse of psychoactive substances (NPS) within prison

The growing use of new and largely non-detectable psychoactive substances (NPS) is leading to increased violence, bullying, debt and medical emergencies requiring hospitalisation. We demand a thorough enquiry immediately to investigate the claims made in the Secret Lives of Prisons Documentary

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People in prison, prisoners and staff, are
less safe than they were five years ago. This year more
prisoners were murdered, killed themselves, self harmed
and were assaulted than ever before
Serious assaults in prison have more than
doubled in the last three years.
Rates of self-harm are at the highest level ever
recorded. There were 32,313 self-harm incidents in
2015—a nearly 40% rise in just two years.
We believe this is a direct result of overcrowding and NPS. We demand an immediate enquiry

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