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Petition Create a bottle deposit scheme for the UK similar to those used in Scandinavia.

The deposit return scheme sees a small deposit (approx. 10p) added to the cost of a drinks container which is refunded when the container is recycled. The impacts in terms of energy costs and CO2 emissions can be considerable. The scheme also helps to reduce littering and it's environmental impacts.

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Sweden offers a world-leading example of how to deal with waste from drinks bottles and cans. The scheme has resulted in recycling rates of more than 90 per cent of its drinks containers. Recycling glass can save 80 per cent of raw materials mined and, with recycled aluminium saving 95 per cent of the energy it takes to make new aluminium. The success of the 5 pence levy on single-use plastic bags proves that these kinds of policies can work well in the UK.

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