This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Don't allow train companies to increase fares until they improve their service

Set up an independent website where unhappy customers can log their journey disruptions easily. Train companies can't skew the figures and true results can be recorded.

If service is not kept to a high standard with trains running on time, then they are not permitted to raise their prices.

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Train companies have announced price hikes yet again across the board. Service is worse than ever, but prices are rising. The Delay Repay scheme is nothing short of a joke.

My train was running so late that they terminated it halfway, throw all of us off so they could skip the rest of the stops and arrive on time. That is a clear case of skewing their own statistics of how many trains arrive 'on time' - with no care for the disruption they cause their own customers.

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