This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Increase healthcare spending now to a minimum of 10.6% of GDP to save our NHS

Our NHS and Social Care are in crisis.Staff shortages abound; ambulances wait for blocked beds, but people need care at home, and social care is missing because of Government cuts to councils. Don't let the crisis be a tragedy, raise our spending to the level of other G7s now.

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According to the King's Fund 8/6/16 the USA, Sweden,Germany,France,Belgium,Denmark,The Netherlands,Japan,Canada,Austria all spend more % of their GDP than we do. The G7 countries spend an average of 10.6%GDP. The NHS is currently being asked to cut millions of pounds via Sustainability Transformation Strategies at a time when the whole system is in crisis.Our NHS must be protected, it is the one thing which stands for Britain, that all citizens,no matter how poor,have access to free healthcare.

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