This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Clarify plans to protect UK Research and Universities from impacts of leaving EU

The prospect of leaving the EU has left the UK's Higher Education and Research sectors - among the country's most successful exporters of services - in damaging uncertainty. Can Government clarify its position on the rights of EU staff, continued research funding, and staff and student recruitment?

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Many staff are EU citizens. Will rights to residence, healthcare, and pensions change?

The UK received €8.8bn EU research investment 2007-13. Will we still be able to lead/join EU-funded collaborative projects (Horizon 2020 and beyond) post-Brexit?

Fees for EU students at UK universities are currently the same as for British students. Will these increase?

Will immigration rules affect recruitment of new staff? If so, how?

Answers are needed to address damaging uncertainty in the sector.

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