This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Slash the Foreign Aid Budget by at least 50%

The arbitrary target for Foreign Aid spending set by the Cameron Government of .7% of GDP is clearly not working.

The Department is struggling to spend all of the budget. 40% ends up being thrown at the EU, the UN & NGOs where we have no control or certainty that our money is being spent wisely.

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In 2015 the UK Foreign Aid budge rose to £12.2bn, all of which had to be borrowed.

The Independent Commission for Aid has produced a report saying that "The DfID’s plans are “not fit for purpose”

The National Audit Office has severely criticised the policy. In 2013 the DfID had to spend £2bn in just 8 weeks to ensure the target for spending was reached !

We have budget constraints at home, particularly with defence, the NHS and Education yet the Foreign Aid budget is ring fenced.
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