This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Reduce the speed limit on single track rural lanes from 60mph to 30mph

Increased traffic using badly maintained single track rural lanes as alternative routes and for commercial purposes is putting unacceptable pressure on the infrastructure and rural population. The legal speed limit of 60mph needs reducing to 30mph for the safety of families, workers and other users.

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The urban population of the UK 80% so 20% are rural dwellers. Why are 59% of fatalities in the UK on rural roads?
Many single track rural roads are horse tracks over 100 years old, now supporting repeated commercial use by carriers, sat nav alternatives to the clogged main routes and increasing leisure activities. There are no pavements or lighting leave home on foot with a buggy straight on to a road with a 60mph limit - unacceptable.

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