This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Rejected petition Ban the sale of fireworks unless for use at organised displays.

Every year animals get very distressed by fireworks which are now used all year round.
fireworks would only available to buy for organised displays and limited to Bonfire night and New Years Eve
The displays and ensure that all the necessary safely precautions are taken an limit injuries .

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Battersea recognises the distress fireworks can cause to pets. As a result of this, Battersea would be supportive of practical and proportionate change to legislation that would provide greater control over when and where fireworks are used, whether this concerns restrictions on their usage, or reducing the overall noise levels.
This would also minimise upset for animals and their owners and reduce the numbers of lost animals that end up rescues like Battersea because they are so alarmed by the loud bangs.

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