This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Protect us from speculative housing development. NPPF needs modification

Ramifications of councils not meeting 5yr land supply include reversal of planning refusals irrespective of poor infrastructure. Sprawling and unsustainable urbanisation is resulting! Councils need more time to prepare local plans to prevent speculative development which is a serious current issue

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Gov’t unambiguously demands "sustainable" development in NPPF; Gov't demands for decentralisation & localism are in disrepute. The crass 5yr rule needs modification to consider local circumstances; Councils must be able to manage the reality it creates. Evolving Local Plans leave communities open to unwelcome speculative & unsustainable development! Inspectors should give more time to councils where land availability is an issue before overturning local decisions – we need protection from this

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