This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Make it mandatory for cinemas to provide access for those with hearing loss.

1 in 6 people in the UK have some form of hearing loss or deafness, this accounts for 11 million people, with over 900,000 having a severe or profound deafness.

Fewer than 1% of cinema screening are currently subtitled, we would like to see an increase in access for those with hearing loss.

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On January 17th 2017, it becomes mandatory for all cinemas showing digital films within the United States of America to provide closed-caption personal subtitling devices at every showing. This means that open screen subtitling, which is infrequently programmed, isn't the only option for patrons with hearing loss.

We believe that the UK should follow suit and provide proper access to those with hearing loss that wish to access the cinema.

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