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Petition Give grieving parents of a stillborn baby a birth certificate

We lost our gorgeous son Bobby at 41 weeks. We never expected to be told there was no heartbeat.
He was perfect in every way yet we left the hospital a day later with a box and a death certifate. No birth certificate just a death certificate. As if our little boy was never here...

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Looseing a child at any age is heartbreaking. You never get over the pain of leaving your child behind. It's not natural to any parent to part with them.
To go in to labour anxious and excited to meet ur tiny baby, to then have to leave the hospital empty handed.
Your then told you don't get a birth certificate. Your baby isn't registered a child.
All babies, no matter how long they have been here for, deserve to be recognised as a person.
It's time this became the norm!
Help all us grieving parents out there to make a simple change that would make the world of difference to a horrendous situation.

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