This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Bring back 30mph NATIONAL SPEED LIMIT (20mph is not practical on main roads)

Since setting of speed limits was relaxed, local councils have set inappropriate limits on main roads (sometimes across entire boroughs) without proper consultation (typically 20% or less of residents) and not used "LOCAL KNOWLEDGE" as suggested in Gov guidance. 20 is NOT PLENTY (in most cases)

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With a 30 mph national limit, motorists knew where they stood legally

Southwark council consulted less than 400 people in their scheme to make the entire borough a 20mph zone (over 200,000 voters live in Southwark.

Islington cannot provide data to show the 20 mph borough has improved safety or reduced accidents

Most councils will use these artificially low limits as a revenue raiser, Traffic speed is slow enough in London without a 24hour 20mph limit being imposed unnecessarily.

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