This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Provide Devon Education Authorities with the National Average for Pupil Funding

For many years Devon has been one of the lowest-funded education authorities in England. In 2016-17 this resulted in a shortfall of £290 per pupil when compared to the national average. Other schools are funded at much higher than the national average and who therefore receive considerably more.

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Just before Christmas the DfE announced the Stage 2 Consultation of this promised national funding formula for schools. We had hoped that this announcement would bring about a readjustment in funding that would benefit Uffculme School given our historic underfunding. We are shocked and dismayed to find out that the result of this for Uffculme is a 2.8% decrease in our funding by 2019-20. This means that our budget will be reduced by £140,000.

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