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Petition Alopecia UK campaign for wig entitlement equality

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Within England, its a post-code lottery, set at two wigs per year for people diagnosed with alopecia areata but this differs from geographical location. There is no equality; some are refused human hair whilst others are given full entitlement. The contract awarded to suppliers limits a patient on choice. Health authorities tend to only grant human hair wigs if an allergic reaction to synthetic occurs but there is no clinical guidance. Whilst overlooking the severe psychological distress of an altered appearance which can impact other services. Children, in particular, have more freedom with a human hair wig and a wig cap construction that allows normal activities (dancing, swimming and physical education). Many are refused a human hair wig even though many meet the current criteria for entitlement. We want equality for human hair wigs for children, the ability to choose the supplier, better alternative options and clearer guidance on entitlement from post code to post code.

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