This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Give a 5 year minimum jail term if convicted of setting up/attending dog fights

A violent and savage example of man manipulating nature to fulfil his own curious bloodlust, dog fighting is rightly banned nearly everywhere in the world. Dog fighting has far from disappeared, in fact it’s a hobby that is distressingly alive and well and appears to be on the increase!

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Dogs forced into fighting suffer terrible injuries, both from the fights and at the hands of their vicious owners. Death, blood and violence is a par for the course in the dog fighting world, compassion or conscience for the ‘losing’ dog is not an issue the average dog-fighter will concern themselves with.

In order to offer a sufficient deterrent I ask that those convicted of arranging/attending dog fights are to be given a mandatory custodial sentence of a minimum 5 years.

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