This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Make dog theft a criminal offence with custodial sentence and hefty fines.

All too often, we read in local papers and facebook groups that dogs are being stolen, whether it be for fights or breeding. These animals are not just pets from some people but dearly loved members of the family. When thieves take an animal they leave a huge whole in the hearts of those left behind

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Every day we read about another dog stolen, the heartbreak that families & individuals are going through. The hours spent distrubuting leafts, posters for just some hint of where their pet maybe. In one area alone, I have hears of 3 cockers missing within a matter of days of each other. Coincidence? At a dog walking area: reports of people walking with a lead and no dog, on one occasion, a young lad confronted the "walker" because it was his dog that had was now on the empty lead.

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