This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Save St Albans Pubs! Reduce proposed 2017 Business Rates before it is too late

The average increase to affected pubs is 72% (over £27000 per pub). This is an unaffordable increase that will lead to severe job losses and pub closures. We are urging the Government to give additional rate relief to local authorities to ensure the protection of our community asset, the local pub.

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St Albans has one of the most famous pub scenes in the world and the pub scene is wrapped in our local history. We are the home of CAMRA and home to the oldest pub in the country. Pubs not only employ local people, they are a community hub providing a meeting place, local entertainment and support our local farmers and suppliers. We are also a huge supporter of local charities. If these rate increases go ahead we will lose our independent pubs and will destroy a huge part of our history.

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