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Rejected petition The signatories of this petition declare their full confidence in John Bercow.

On February the 9th, MPs launched a motion of no confidence against Speaker John Bercow. We want Parliament to know that he has our full confidence. We, as their constituents, expect them to allow Bercow to continue doing an excellent job, as he has been elected twice to do.

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Speaker John Bercow sensibly spoke out against President Trump addressing MPs in Westminster Hall, and in the Royal Gallery. As part of his duties, inviting heads of state to address Westminster is his invitation to make. He has now been elected twice to perform these duties. Only Presidents Albert Lebrun and Charles de Gaulle of France, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and Aung San Suu Kyi have been invited to address Westminster Hall. Bercow was right in advising Parliament that Trump should not be one of them.

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