This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Help disabled people to work by abolishing the cap on Access to Work payments

The Access to Work Scheme helps disabled people to work by paying for the extra costs they face. In April 2018, the Government is planning to impose an arbitrary cap on how much money a person can claim. This will make it far harder for disabled people to find and keep a job.

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ATW enables disabled people to work by paying for equipment, PAs or extra travel costs. From April 2018, people will not be able to claim over £40,800 a year. This cap will only save £3 million but make it almost impossible for severely disabled people to work and cause huge distress. It contradicts the Government’s aim to increase the number of disabled people with jobs. It also does not make economic sense. For every £1 spent on ATW, £1.48 returns to the Exchequer in tax or benefits savings.

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