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Petition Pressure African nations to find and prosecute the buyers of Albino bodyparts

Albinos in East Africa are murdered,limbs cut off and sold. Few are prosecuted due to secrecy and corruption.Witch doctors make medicine from limbs for luck and wealth, superstition is rife.The market is fuelled by money.Pressurise governments of East Africa to investigate an prosecute all involved.

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The UN and EU statistics can be viewed but too long to submit. Of 74 murders only 4 prosecutions have been made since 2002 in Tanzania. Albinos are at risk of abductions, killings and mutilations in at least 27 countries.Pre-election murders go up, believed to be political superstition.In Malawi the figures are rising.International pressure is needed to make the governments openly investigate who is buying human bodyparts to prosecute them.Tell AN the UK concern of contravention of human rights.

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