This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Increase penalties against fly tippers and fund additional enforcement capacity

Fly tipping blights communities and offenders rarely convicted. To consider, a)increase fixed penalties to £1,000 with £50,000 fines &12-month prison for serious offenders; b)recover all clear up costs; c) confiscate offenders’ vehicles and remove driving licence; d)provide funding to key agencies

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Fly tipping is a growing problem that blights communities across the country, costing around £100m a year to clean up and increasingly the focus of organised criminal gangs. Enforcement and effective penalties are key to tackling this nationwide problem and needs to be much tougher. There also needs to be multi-agency national strategy in place and that bodies such as the Police, Local Authorities and Environment Agency are given sufficient resources to tackle the problem effectively.

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