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Rejected petition Demand action by The Speaker re. MP's conspiring with the EU against BREXIT.

A coalition of Brussels politicians, including Lib Dem and Labour MEPs, urged Jean-Claude Juncker’s EU Commission to consider “infringement proceedings” against the UK over its migration controls.

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LIBERAL DEMOCRAT and Labour MEPs sparked fury tonight, 10/03/2017, as they urged Brussels to directly intervene and slap sanctions on Britain for trying to reduce migration.
By Nick Gutteridge, Brussels Correspondent Wed, Mar 1, 2017
UK politicians can do exactly what they want to due to parliamentary privileges but by doing this they go against the Code of Conduct and the swearing of their Oath of Allegiance.

They should be sacked by the Speaker of the House and removed from office.

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It’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not directly responsible for.

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