This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Negotiate for the option to Remain in a reformed European Union

As part of the Article 50 negotiations, or in parallel, the government should hold talks with the European Union to negotiate an option for the UK to remain in the EU based upon reforms that could be made within the EU. It prudent to explore new options in addition to those already on the table.

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The current plan of the government of an uncharted hard Brexit or to return to WTO rules severely restricts our options for the future of the country. In the 2-year period of Article 50 negotiations the negative impact may become clearer and the demographics of the UK electorate will change towards the younger voters who are more pro-Europe and public opinion may change. So, the government should keep on the table this remain option so that Parliament and the people have a more flexible choice.

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