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Petition Source funding to complete the International Bomber Command Centre

The government is committed to donate £20M to a memorial to the Normandy Campaign from the Libor fund, which is considered a fitting tribute. We request a similar donation, estimated at £3m, be debated in Parliament to be made, to enable the new International Bomber Command Centre to be completed.

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The International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC) is being created to provide a world-class facility to serve as a point for recognition, remembrance and reconciliation for Bomber Command.
The project includes recording, preserving and relating the stories of all those involved with or impacted by Bomber Command during the Second World War. Covering the contribution of the men and women from over 60 nations, at all levels, the project will bring to life not only the period of the War, but the fight to gain recognition and the work undertaken to rebuild Europe's cities

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